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Is It Time To Repair, Upgrade Or Replace Your Solar System?

Is It Time To Repair, Upgrade Or Replace Your Solar System?

When it comes to solar energy, the installation of solar panels is not an end in itself. There always comes a time when part of or the entire system may become malfunctioned, inefficient or completely broken down. And that is when you should consider some repair, upgrade or replacement of your solar system in order to continue enjoying the energy saving benefits of solar panels. Below are some of the things you need to look out for to know whether your system needs to be repaired, replaced or upgraded:

An Underperforming System

If your system is not functioning optimally, it may be time for you to contact your installer. They may opt to repair, replace or upgrade your system depending on its exact condition. The best part is that if the equipment or system is still under the warranty that it came with and the issues it is facing are covered under the warranty, you will not even need to pay for the repair or replacement of the same. You could also opt for an upgrade so as to increase your system’s output.

When You Want to Increase the Size of Your System

If your system’s inverter can accommodate more panels and the roof has room for additional panels, then this would be the best chance for you to increase the generated energy. In fact, this is more effective than upgrading your inverter or installing an additional solar system. However, if the current inverter is at full capacity and cannot accommodate extra panels, then the best options would be to install an extra solar power system or upgrade your inverter and then add more panels.

When You Want to Add More Battery Storage

If your system is performing well and producing excess energy, you may want to add more battery storage in order to store the excess energy that is generated. Such energy will be quite helpful when the system is not generating enough or any energy especially when the sun is not out. However, while this may provide more energy independent of the grid, battery storage might not benefit your current financial situation as a solar system would.

Damaged Solar PV Panels

A damaged solar PV panel is capable of significantly lowering the performance of your solar power system. The best part is that you can actually recognize defective solar modules through visual inspection. And even if that were not possible, defects like hotspots that may have developed through shadowing or contamination can easily be localized by the images that are taken using a thermal imaging camera. Besides, you can also measure solar PV panels individually. However, if you want to get more accurate results then you need to enlist the services of a professional.

The best part is that in case you need to upgrade, repair or replace your solar power system, there are contractors that have purely specialized in providing solar panel installation, repair, upgrade and replacement. These have some of the most advanced tools and equipment that enable them to deliver the best services. If your solar panels or the system is faulty, these experts can accurately diagnose and fix the problem in the quickest and most efficient way.